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  • Freeing your Life's Purpose video series: A comprehensive look at The Before Life, The Here Life and the Afterlife, along with my bonus video on 'How to recognize Spirit Signs', valued at $275 for FREE.
  • Soulmate Chat with Jay, a private chatroom where you can interact with Jay. (Fees apply.)
  • A lively discussion area where members share their experiences.
  • A Memory wall to post pictures of those who have crossed to other side.
  • Discounts on Jay's Readings and products.

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Soulmate Chat with Jay

Freeing your Life's Purpose

Welcome to My Infinity Family

Hi everyone!


Welcome to My Infinity Family Fan Club!  I created My Infinity Family in February of 2015 with one goal in mind! To host an intimate platform where people can gather to share their personal experiences and feelings on life, the afterlife, loss and grief.


My goal and vision is to provide YOU with the tools and resources to learn and/or interact through different means such as scheduled LIVE chats with me, forums where you can interact with others, as well as a beautiful Memorial Site where you may honour your loved ones!


Join me for Soulmate Chat with Jay, where we discuss subjects such as death, grieving, the afterlife and what our purpose is here on earth, all from a comfy online lounge!  Seating is very limited.  Please check the registration page for details.


By comforting each other and learning together, we will create an infinite healing and happy place!